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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Hmmm... not quite. RBC easily 1/3rd empty.

Though it's conceivable that many of those tickets were sold to people who would rather stay home and watch the big Carolina/Duke showdown. Let's not kid ourselves about which game is more meaningful.
I was at the game. I don't think it was 1/3rd empty, but I could see how it looked that way on TV. The upper deck was very full. The north and south end LL's were also fairly full. But the sides along the blue line (especially behind the benches) had a ton of empty seats. A couple of those sections were very barren. Never seen a game where the seats were filled in that manner.

Someone beside me said that many of those people were up on the deck watching both the Canes and BBall game, but seemed like too many to me. I suspect that many of those STHs chose to exchange tickets and stayed home to watch the BB game.

The little bar outside in the concourse was jammed though with people watching both games on the TV when I walked by.

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