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03-03-2012, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I'm one of the bigger Weber defenders here. I think there's definitely an NHLer in there. He was very good for the first half of the game, playing physical, and looking dangerous on both ends. He was good on the PP too. But then he made his typical mistakes.

I would hate to give him up for nothing but he's not going to develop under this terrible coaching. The truth is I just don't think we have room for him with more well rounded defenders a year or so away, I'd like to be wrong though. I think he has Streit-like potential (Streit wasn't good enough for the AHL at Weber's age), but you can never be sure, Streit was a strange case.

I blame the management more than Weber, that's for sure.

I mostly agree, I think Habs fans tend to overrate these guys but the asset management was definitely poor.

Grabovski is a scum, he's done nothing lately but when he plays the Habs he suddenly tries harder. I don't miss him, I just wish he wasn't basically given away. The Kostitsyns aren't superstars and Sergei is arrogant but there was no reason to throw them away.
I just see Weber making the same mistakes, over and over. either he doesn't get it or someone is not getting the message through. He has his moments but so does Staubitz (alright too extreme there).

Personally don't think Weber has what it takes, but again, that big grey area with all Habs players past and present: who knows, with the right coaching staff and management in place?

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