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03-03-2012, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
at this point in the season, there is little/no benefit of a public outcry to fire Gauthier...

but if I wake up on April 8th, and the headlines don't read "Gauthier fired as Montreal GM"... then game on.

If by some fluke of incredibly incompetent ownership, Gauthier is still the GM on opening pre-season day next fall, I hope the "Fire Gauthier" chants fill the Bell centre every night until the team is forced to come to its senses.

Pathetic that this guy is pretty much invisible while the roster he presides over performs as poorly as it does, and the few players actually playing some quality minutes are forced to answer the same questions night after night.

Gauthier should be front and center for the remainder of this failed season, taking full responsibility for how things have turned out... but expecting that kind of leadership and character from a guy who hasn't once shown those qualities to be a part of his makeup, is a bit foolish I admit.
Agreed. His silence, especially at this point is baffling, unless he knows he's a goner.

I heard Dave Stubbs on Toronto radio this afternoon and he mentioned how refreshing it was for Montreal journalists who attended Burke's press conference, actually had their questions answered honestly and candidly.

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