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03-04-2012, 01:38 AM
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Listened to John Clayton for a little while on ESPN radio this evening and he had some opinions on why this is getting so much attention.

*The fact that there were bounties out to injure players when the league is trying to take big steps to further protect players and is involved in several lawsuits involving former players and their injuries. He said Goodell will want to show that the league is serious on protecting players and is using that as part of its motivation on punishment. Would also not be surprised if some former players injured by the Saints sued the team, Payton, and Williams. Said Warner and his wife talk often about the hit(s) he suffered at the hands of the Saints in that playoff game.

*He acknowledged that the Saints are probably not the only team doing this but said the reason this one was investigated is because the owner found out and said to end it and it was not. Also because of the involvement of Williams, Payton, and Lomis on some level. Said most of these things are just players doing this and not involving coaching staffs and the front office.

*He believes the league will dock the Saints their 2nd round and possibly 3rd round pick in April's draft as well as their 1st round in the 2013 draft and possibly more.

*He believes that both Payton and Williams will receive sanctions of suspensions and fines and that the Saints organization will be fined as well. His opinion on the fines is take the Pats fines and double them at the minimum and he would not be surprised with the total for all parties involved, coaches, front office, and team approaching half a million.

*He said with the rumors coming out now about the Redskins bounty system could cost Williams his job. The Rams may not want any part of this associated with their franchise and could can him in the next week or two.

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