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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
Go watch Jared Knight is more than one persons opinion...

I watched Ashton play for nearly two seasons and he is a decent skater who lacked grit....not the same can be said about Jared Knight...he will be a regular in the NHL....Blacker will as well. Colborne I watched play a lot for a year out here but that was a long while ago. Big body but like butter, soft. The two first round pick were Seguin and Hamilton both Elite talent....
You know what how about you wait and see what Hamilton does in the NHL before you call him elite all your doing is putting the cart a head of the horse with that statement as for Seguin he's a good top line player but not this star franchise player that everybody was saying was what the Leafs have lost out from doing the trade and it seems to me you and many others are still caught up in hype over this kid.

As a matter of fact it's not even close on pure talent and ability who is the better offensive player between he and Kessel that wont change just because Seguin is younger by 3 years, I'll tell you this you could sit and wait for Seguin for maybe one day become a focal point to the oppositions game plan to shut him down like where Kessel is today you'll be waiting a long time cause he's not that skilled for one second what makes Seguin good is his 2 way game which would have to get to the level of Jonathan Toews for him to be considered elite. I don't think he will reach that level maybe he will maybe he wont but I don't see it espescially if you watch Boston play you could see just how far he is from that level when you compare him to his team mate Bergeron who's Boston's best forward not Seguin yet nobody seems to talk about Bergeron as elite why?.

Look neither team has lost this trade and for me it's a good trade both ways

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