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03-04-2012, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Yep, they were also saying that SK is a cancer, with attitude problem, party too much, selling cocaine and related to the mafia in his first year there.. Oh wait. No they didn't. SK finished 1st in points and goals in his first season as a Preds. Oups..
In my critical thinking class I've learned to spot false/invalid arguments pretty well. This is a textbook example of a terrible, absolutely terrible, argument.

Referring to AKost - and AKost only - many members of the media, fandom, GMs and coaches and hell even teammates have said the same thing: he's inconsistent, "when he's on" he's a force but he's not always on, etc. Not to mention his issues with every single coach he's had. His issues with communication - not that it's only his fault of course. His on-ice deficiencies are also up for debate but I'd love to see the MathMan stats of AKost. Was he really a 1st line winger? 2nd line winger?

Was he a playoff performer or passenger? Has he previously shown flashes of brilliance and then disappeared?

Riddle me those. And yes he partied a **** TON in Montreal. I've seen him myself, but that's neither here nor there.

This has nothing to do with SKost. Getting rid of SKost was a bad move but that was a Jacques Martin move, Skost didn't fit on his team. Neither did O'Byrne, Latendresse, Pouliot, Lapierre or Dominic Moore.

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