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03-04-2012, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by DarwinWasAdopted View Post
I'm still in disbelief that they even allow the guy to spout that kind of bigotry on a program that thousands of children tune into every weekend, let alone present him as some sort of 'icon'.

The segment is called "Coach's Corner", and yet all he ever even seems to do anymore is rant and rave about his personal disputes and sing the praises of the military. It's a shame Burke wasn't successful in getting him pulled off the air in favour of someone who might actually be able to provide some modicum of insight into the game.
You know what, **** Don Cherry and his out-of-touch nationalist tirades.
If the US ever ends up going to war in Iran, he'll probably ***** about Canada not being involved in the war just like he did with the Iraq war, and we all know that war was all a crock of ****.

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