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Originally Posted by Kulluminati View Post
Give it time. I'm a first generation Canadian of Indian descent who grew up on the game, my dad lived in Montreal for 10 years when he first arrived 30 years ago and has been a Habs fan ever since. I started playing when I was 7 however topped out at midget AA. Most other first gens I know with a similar cultural background didn't have the luxury of being exposed to organized sports even less got the chance to play ice hockey, a few started in their mid-teens. However most of these guys are huge hockey fans and plan to (like me) live vicariously through their children. Give it another 15 years and I suspect the demographics of the NHL to change significantly.

TO OP: As for the racism, in my ~13 years of playing ice hockey, only once was I the subject of racial slurs and that was back when I was in middle school. I attributed to kids of that age just being mean in general. It sucks that you met some jackass's who said what they said, I find it disgusting... but I respect you for playing it cool. Is the pick-up these guys play public? or did they reserve the ice? If its public just jump on the ice, no one can tell you to get off and no one will once they see you can keep up. However, in my opinion these sound like a group of guys I wouldn't even want to play with but I can imagine the scarcity of hockey playing/loving guys in Indonesia.
Well yeah I tend to play it cool when stuff like that happens, except in addition to that, this time i'm surrounded by 6' guys lol.. they're just tall though, not big muscular or anything, and definitely beer bellies... I'm only 5'6 or 5'7 (170 cm)

They reserve the ice, that's why I had to asked their permission. The rink in my city have public games on Sunday, but it's awfully crowded. That's why I play every Saturday night in another city (about 3 hours drive), yeah it's far but I can reserve the ice 4 hours cheap.
I tried to join the expats to add some ice time on weekdays, where I won't have to drive as far but tough luck I guess

Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
Are you Canadian?
You can't tell a Canadian by looking at us.......we came from every where.
No, I'm Indonesian of chinese and dutch descent. The only thing dutch about me is my nose though...
I know he's Canadian because I usually ask things like "Hi, what's your name?" and "Where are you from?" when I meet foreigners. Ya know.. chit chats.

Oh, and the "eh?" at the end of sentences. I like those haha

"Did they mean local players and said Asian due to location?" - yeah i think so, they are expats who've lived for a while I think.

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