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Originally Posted by Mkhizgilov View Post
Looking at the playoff seeding, I see us 1st but I see washington 8th (winnipeg is currently 8th but they are only 1 point up and washington has 3 games in hand)..the capitals are the one team I don't want too see in the first round, they haven't had there best season obviously but no one can deny there offensive firepower and one team capable of an upset over an opponent are the caps, I kno there are still 20 games left and everything could change between now and then but **** I really hope we don't end up facing these *******s
Lets look back to 1994, shall we?:

There wasnt a single Rangers fan who wasnt nervous about playing the Isles in Round 1. They matched up well against us, they were always a pain in the ass, and a year prior went to the CF after upsetting a 61-win Pens team

22-3. Nuff said.

Next round was the Caps. The Caps beat the Rangers in 1990 and 1991 in the 2nd and 1st round, respectively. They had a scary offense and the best group of PMD's on the league.

That series was over before it started. It was a blowout, really.

The CF were supposed to be a cakewalk -- 6-0 against the Devils that season. No travel. A rookie in goal for them. The entire series was a home game for the Rangers.

Then all of a sudder, Richer became Guy Lafleur, they lose Game 1, and the beginning of 17 heart attacks over two weeks began

Moral of the story -- be careful what you wish for.

Now, It felt so good to eliminate those teams. And it will feel equally as good to do it to any teams this year. You think the players are worried about the Caps?

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