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03-04-2012, 07:10 AM
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My biggest complaint against Bruce in the playoffs and in general, he was slow to adjust.

Now George takes a lot of heat for his choices of coaches. But I think Dale is clearly showing he is a tactician. Its probably too much to implement mid season at the country club, but he got started on problems he saw. That's all I ever really wanted from Bruce in the playoffs. Maybe a shadow or shutdown line, tested and tried during the season, and one or two more goalie changes back to his number 1s, that's it.

Implementing a coach like Dale may have been best served done in the offseason, WRT the amount of change he implemented, or George wanted implemented. When a team just stops listening to a coach, the new one comes in, the problem is gone. But we had more problems than that. Ovi had been suddenly solved by the league. Green, out. Lame duck G play. We had to win games as team.

But you can't fully complain about the noob coaches and turn a blind eye to BBs overnight successes. He did damn good. Reinforcing to George perhaps, a noob can do fine.

George has done a lot of good, but with our C situation and Goalie play, I am not certain that ringer coach you wanted would have been able to do better than what we have seen the past 3 months. Those are his fault.

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