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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Some of the locals I played with in Taiwan are probably the equivalent of guys who played junior B/A in Canada. Obviously the cream of the crop can't compare to the top guys in North America, but the average level of play there is higher because most of the guys who play started really early, and took a lot of classes.

Shanghai on the other hand had fewer locals in the league. There were a few though. They're either coaches, guys who played pro in Asia before, or absolutely horrible. Pretty extreme there.
in all seriousness, are you certain that the skill level, physical and speed is at the same level? Players who play Jr A often eventually play for CIS, or a professional minor league, or in Europe..

heck Kevin Bieska, Giordano both played Jr A. before going their own route, prior to the NHL

Jr. B is no slouch neither, and regardless of how early you play (as long as its not too late...) its still about your compentancies, and the physicality is a huge componant of the game

Its really easy for individuals or teams to look much better than others, if the skill levels aren't evenly matched... In my C division non-contact league I can pretty much walk around with plenty of time and dangle in ways I couldn't if the pace and skill was better, or the physical play warrant more of a "heads-up" and quick play.
When I play lunch time hockey with a buncha ex-Jr or ex-minor pro players... well some days I can barely keep up

I just don't see many scouts looking in SE asia for draft picks tis all... not saying its an ethniticity thing, but I just can't see how there is as much of a system or appetite for something that Hockey Canada provies.

Its like saying this... Canadian's have "great" soccer players
Truely, there are some tremendous players, well disciplined and good clubs, but we just don't pump out the volume of high-level professionals, nor compete anywhere near at an international level.
When I played div 2 for a local club here... my friend's Irish cousin came into town, went to camp and immediately got placed in the premier level "Major" team.
When I ask him how our "football" is compared to home, and he said no comparison... when he played back home, he wasn't even middle of the pack, but in Major, he was a stand-out player, even against clubs that brought up players such as Hargraves

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