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03-04-2012, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well the brigade tells you that there are A THOUSAND proofs that this team sucked at developing their players. We have the team who sees more of his ex-players doing great ELSEWHERE. That can't be happening. And out of those players, the return is laughable. That ALSO can't be happening. At least, we have some picks coming our way so that Timmins work his magic. Yet, we took a good team and made it a mediocre one. Great way to be a top tier team. AKost has his own faults. Just like SKost did. And Grabs. Yet, it's true that those coaches were wrong in also more than one occasions. It makes me laugh when I read that all those coaches didn't like them, which means they were the proble. Oh while Grabs and Co are having some great success, the great Carbo is doing some TV shows.....the great Gainey is putting the last touch in destroying the team and admitted when he re-signed that he was out of it, the great Martin was coming out of his coaching retirement and we'll see when he's going to be hired back and the great Cunneyworth is about the lose his job, and that will have NOTHING to do with the language he speaks but how bad his team is being prepared. I guess he can be good later. But he's clearly not showing it. So it's the number of's the quality of it that isn't there. And those players with great systems, great teams and great coaches are showing that they belong. We missed the ball by not providing them with such an environment. Environments that some teams seems to deserve, but that we seem we can't based on this "but there's 30 teams in the league" BS.
You know, call me crazy, but, after reading this post, I'm KIND OF curious to see how a guy like Pierre McGuire would run this current team if he were GM.

I just don't see him making moves like Gomez for a guy like McDonught, Lapierre for Festerling, 5th... etc.etc.etc.

The current management is doing like the opposite of what a team like the leafs are doing.. basically, leafs are trading crap for decent, promising players, and we're.. well.. doing the opposite.

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