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03-04-2012, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I mean, McGuire has to be in a list. Again, I'm not saying he HAS to be the GM, I'd have to interview him to be sure he'd be my candidate. I decide to NOT have a real candidate, but instead to have a wishlist of whom I hope Molson interviews and based on the GOOD reasons, hire then. McGuire has to be amongst one guy and solely for 1 good reason, I'd really like to hear him of how he thinks he could turn this around in a short period of time. Of what he thinks about our prospects and our overall development scheme. I'd like for us to give a great look at Jim Benning from Boston. And the usual suspects like Loiselle and Bergerin. I'd give a call to MacKasey as well. Also, I INSIST in having Timmins being interviewed. I believe this guy will be EXTREMELY cautious when it will be time to trade a prospect even if he stops being the guy who is in charge. Yet, he did that all of his life, he knows the mistakes we did and won't want to see it happening. I also will have full confindence in him that he finds the right guy to replace him, which we might already have in Jankowski. So I have 6 candidates. I really hope we hear that they've all been interviewed. Guys I DON'T see the need in interviewing are the Damphousse of this world, who will not bring anything and are not ready if ever. Another guy who might end up having the job and I'm not too fond of is Julien Brisebois. For one GREAT reason. I see him keeping Gainey. And I see Molson having NO problem agreeing with him. Brisebois might be his own man, but I want a change of philosophy. Not a continuity. Gauthier's supposed change of philosophy right now only exist so he'd save his ass. I want guys who really believes in it. Just not sure Brisebois is that kind of man. We need to get the heck out of this ex-CH family. And have new blood.
you are always interesting to read but, paragraphs, man

and for what it's worth, timmins is my pick for GM as well

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