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Originally Posted by Scypher View Post
Hello Guys!
I skimmed through the first few pages of this thread and found already some good advice like the flyin puck and yelp manhattan. Thanks for that already!

I'm gonna visit NY from 17.-24th March - so 2 weeks from now - with a friend and our appartement just got cancelled. The reason for our stay is ofc 3 rangers games (Devils, Redwings, Sabres - bought on StubHub) and a lot of party

So we're currently searching for a hotel not far away from MSG and found Pennsylvania Hotel right besides the MSG and the Flying Puck - do you recommend staying there? Is it a good idea? At first we thought about staying somewhere cheaper but since we're at three games and surely gonna drink (europeans m8s! ) we're a bit cautious about a long way to the hotel at night so... could you guys help out with some thoughts maybe?

Really appreciate your help, we admire your city and your franchise, thanks in advance!
Not sure what your criteria is. Proximity to MSG is overrated as everything in Manhattan is pretty accessible by cab or subway. The actual area that MSG and the Hotel Pennsylvania is kind of an armpit. You could easily stay in a different area and still have no problem coming to and from The Garden.

Overall, it comes down to what you're willing to spend for a room.

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