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03-04-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Habit11 View Post
It was cool to see Pleks on the 3rd line again tonight. What a great way to use him, give him White/Geoffrion. Thanks for all your hard work every year Tomas, enjoy passing the puck to these two, good things will happen. Had Gomez played he would have been on the 4th line. So basically, Habs' have the highest paid 3/4 centers in the league, by about $8m, and a 3rd pairing Dman making $4.25m. Cool, very cool.
This. Any haters of Plex should look at this post. Yes he has faults and had a terrible game in the faceoff circle last night. Yes he should be moved if we got the right deal - no untouchables. But to suggest we should run him out of town for a mid-round draft pick is laughable. Again, like AK, he will be dealt at his lowest-possible value for an irrelevant return.

This is an embarrassment. Absolutely unacceptable on every level. The front off ice and coaching staff need to go, all of them, except probably Timmins. You could cut 1/3 to half our current roster and the dropoff wouldn't be far, if any (look at the standings). We have no concept of playing at home, which makes the lack of talent and coaching acumen all the more obvious. No idea of matching people with similar talents, no roles, no putting players in a position to succeed, no leadership from above, nothing.

There are so few things to like on this team, in this organisation. Their force-feeding of our past glory years is the decayed empire rotted to the very core, desperately staving off the revolution with stultifying propaganda. Any criticism of the empire is dealt with swiftly and harshly, at the expense of the organisation (the way any criticism, even the slightest, is dealt with by management). They are run like a Bush Jr.-era global corporation, where PR and marketing are the only important facets. They hold their customers in contempt on every level.


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