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Originally Posted by deeznuts View Post
Where was NBC last year to argue against the Thrashers move? Judging by NBC's broadcast schedule they were unaware Atlanta even had a team.
Those deals happened almost simultaneously so the framework was in place knowing Atlanta wouldn't be there.

And NBC has a Canadian, or even 2 Canadian teams on broadcast about as often as CBC has an American or 2 American teams on ( and for the latter unless it's the playoffs it's the never).

If being a rabid fan was the only requirement Canada would have more teams and as was stated earlier ... This is a thread about Seattle getting a team. Why don't all the Canadians who seem to take it personal that the NHL would somehow relocate the Coyotes somewhere other than QC just go post in that thread. This one is about a Seattle NHL team ... And for all your foot stomping, believe it or not Seattle is a great market and if they figure out the arena they will be at the top of the list.

QC has it's own issues to work out anyway. Pick a site and figure out how to keep that arena at $400MM. No small task and not a done deal despite what many want to believe. I hope they get it done and they get a team but some of you guys need to quite taking things so personal ...

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