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03-04-2012, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsAtak View Post
The problem with a flat rate of 50% is not that it is good or great it is where the face offs are when they are won. If the majority of the face offs to make up the 50% success rate are in the neutral zone then the stat is skewed. Yes, a face off is a face off but there is no doubting a face off late in the game in our own zone or the oppositions zone is more important. Having someone or two that can win those types of face offs goes a long ways to puck possession and winning.

What the Habs are missing is a true face off guy in our own zone to win them the majority of the time. Someone like Malhotra who I believe if I heard right on CBC is at 70% in his own zone. That is where Vancouver uses him mostly.

The other part of that stat is that for the most part DD for example is really good at taking face offs on the PP which in most cases is in the other teams zone.

I am trying to find a site that does the breakdown according to zone but have yet to find one.
I agree that we lack an elite faceoff specialist. No doubt about it (except for Noke, but he doesn't seem like the type of player they want to give a decent amount of ice-time too).

Desharnais is all over the board. He's got more wins than losses on the PK in the defensive zone, but at ES he's got more losses.

He's basically 50% in the neutral zone, so that means he's basically 50% mixed between the def and off zone's as well.

We definitely need a faceoff specialist who can suit up for 10-15 minutes a game without hurting the team because we don't have an elite guy. Desharnais at 50% is our best regular center, which obviously isn't poor but there is no real advantage at 50% (he was also putrid to start the season around 25% - so that means he's been over 50% for the last 3/4).

Plekanec is sub 50% and last I checked, Eller was way below 50%. So we definitely need some help there if Noke isn't the answer.

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