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03-04-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by maruk14 View Post
Go run a post on the Canucks board asking how many would make the trip down to Seattle if they were to get an NHL team and then ask yourself that question again.

I am going to ask it again ... Have any of you making these statements ever been to Seattle? Somehow I doubt it ...
I grew up in Victoria and only recently moved to Vancouver. Everyone i've talked to would love An NHL franchise in Seattle.

There's a ferry that takes you directly from downtown Victoria to Downtown Seattle. I can guarantee you would get a packed boat for Games involving Vancouver and probably a ton of fans going down for weekend games. It's essentially the same travel time as getting to a Canucks game and in the end it'd be a lot cheaper. It's pretty difficult to obtain Canuck tickets and then have to pay the expensive downtown Vancouver prices for accomodation/food, which I might add, have to be booked pretty far in advanced for Victoria residents as going to a game is a 2-day event.

People here are starved for entertainment and especially good hockey. Victoria has one of the worst Teams in the WHL and yet they're averaging close to 6,000 fans a game and over 7,000 often on Friday and Saturday nights.


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