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Originally Posted by MAROONSRoad View Post
Really? Who's going to own the team in Seattle? What's the NHL team's lease look like? How much is each level of government committed to spend on the arena? How much if anything will the NHL team pay for the construction of the NHL arena? Will the arena get built even if an NBA team is not first made available? Has said potential NHL owner been lobbying the NHL BOGs for years and is he willing to pay $170MM plus for the next team no questions asked? Has the potential NHL owner made arrangements to have a team in Seattle in short notice and playing out of a temporary facility that is approved by the NHL? Those issues are all pretty much settled in QC.

As for the comment above about people never having been to Seattle, I've been to the city many times. I have also visited Quebec City although less often. The NHL is far more popular in QC in my opinion.

As for the comment about mentioning QC in this thread: this thread is about Seattle's chances of obtaining an NHL team. Many people have stated it will be the Coyotes if that team needs to be relocated. QC is an issue for Seattle's chances of landing the next available NHL team and is thus a relevant issue as to when and how Seattle can obtain an NHL team. QC is a competitor and an obstacle to Seattle landing the next NHL team. That's just the reality whether you like it or not. The NHL will pick the best alternative. I'm putting my money on QC.
Again ... For about the 4th time in this thread. Don Levin has said on numerous occasions he is interested in owning an NHL team in Seattle, has visited the area to discuss it and has discussed it with the NHL. Why does this keep getting ignored? It has also been reported there is a second, independent group.

I never said QC isn't a competitor and I never said they won't ultimately get a team before Seattle. My point is to simply refute that QC is a done deal like has been stated in this thread ( about the Seattle bid, BTW, do you see a bunch of us trying to talk about Seattle in the QC thread in this forum ... No.). QC is not a done deal and they still have things they have to deal with just like Seattle.

One last thing ... The financing plan is in place. Once the committee studying it comes back in mid March we will know how it will shake out. $290MM in private money and $200MM in city/county backed municipal bonds paid back by arena generated revenues. Much stronger, IMO, than a 100% publicly funded plan.

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