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03-04-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JBernierFan View Post
Man, what a good game. I haven't been that excited and at the edge of my seat for a Kings game in a LONG time. Loved every minute of it (except giving up a goal 13 seconds after scoring one).

Carter IS AWESOME! Holy crap. That guy can play hockey. He's probably our most skilled player out there. He works hard every shift, gets a scoring chance ever shift, is awesome on ES, PP AND PK. He uses his big body to steal pucks, drive to the net and he's FAST. Insanity. I love him.

Richards looks like the Richards we traded for since Carter has been here. They both look so happy and are in beast mode. So amazing to see Kings players step up in big games instead of wilt.

Kopi looked lost last night. Is he glued to the boards? Do his pants have a magnet in them that pulls him toward them? Something?
the best part about it is that if Kopi is lost, we are still okay. Before, if Kopi was lost, then we lost the game (remember the # of wins to when Kopitar scored stat). Now we have so many more weapons. The opponents now have to pick their poison.

oh ya, props to whipping boy Stoll for stepping up in the leadership role on the team. I been riding him hard all year, good to see he cares

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