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03-04-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
If the Coyotes ownership situation is still in flux and payments from the City of Glendale for running the Coyotes are drastically reduced next season, the Coyotes can be relocated to Seattle by the NHL, the owners of the franchise. The NHL can sign a deal to play out of either Key Arena or Tacoma Dome for the next year or two, while negotiating a sale of the team to the party that presents the best stadium plan.
What exactly do you think they've been doing for almost the past 3 years in Phoenix??? I'll cut the Seattle fans here some slack. You're probably new to this board, and don't know some of the background. The Phoenix soap opera has been going on approaching 3 years now see this summary for an idea of the drama. If commissioner Gary Bettman suggested another 2 years of NHL ownership and ongoing losses, he would very soon be ex-commissioner Gary Bettman.

The 29 owners want to get this mess off their hands NOW. With a potential lost season coming up, the owners would very much appreciate an extra 6 or 7 million dollars each in their pockets, from a sale to PKP. As for the "bidding war", 2 years in Key Arena is going to be a $60 million financial bath. Throw in $10 million interest expenses per year for 2 years on the NHL's line-of-credit. You're talking $250 million for the franchise JUST FOR THE NHL TO BREAK EVEN versus $170 from PKP this spring. Does anybody seriously believe that somebody would pay $250 million for an NHL franchise in Seattle???

I've always advocated sending the Coyotes to QC at the end of this post-season, and awarding Seattle a franchise for 2015-2016. The franchise would be subject to revocation if there's no new arena by 2017. This avoids 3 years in Key Arena, and $100 million in losses that will weigh down the team down the road. It'll also give the NHL some flexibility. If the Islanders' arena fiasco isn't solved by then, they relocate to Seattle. Otherwise Seattle gets an expansion team.

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