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03-04-2012, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ProMath View Post

"We found it is more important to decrease how many shots a team and its defense faces," said Schuckers.

The professor told the crowd of more than 300 that winning faceoffs doesn’t statistically drive how many goals a team scores over the course of a season. The mathematical result in this instance is that winning faceoffs doesn’t stand alone as a statistic that predicts scoring goals.

Why don't you see any thread complaining about face-off ?

Most of the time, the problem is'nt winning or losing playoff.

It's the winger/defenseman not covering his guys. Plain and simple.

You could win 65% of the faceoff ... but when you lose it, if the other 4 guys on the ice does not make their won't change anything. Those other 4 guys are the real problem.

Yesterday, it was clearly the problem, not the face-off.

I'm not saying face-off are not important, just that when you're not ''elite at it'', it should not be a major issue.
No, people don't look at faceoffs because it isn't as easy to find as goals or assists.

Note that the professor is being very precise in that faceoffs do not affect the number of goals a team scores, but not other variables such as zone time, scoring chances, and puck possession. Plus, this is a statistical argument, one of which probably is the result of regression analysis. Hockey is a sport in which there is an extremely fine line between winning and losing. Simply because you did not give up a goal after losing a faceoff does not mean that you have sacrificed zone time and wasted a shift defending when you could have generated a scoring chance.

And before you assume otherwise, I'm not ignorant of the subject matter of statistics; it is part and parcel of getting a economics degree.

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