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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
Tell me, when is the shovel hitting the ground in Seattle? Quebec City starts digging this summer...
We don't know when shovel to ground is going to happen. They aren't going to start building the arena until team or teams are secured. Speculation has been going on that they will start as soon as a NBA team is secured.

The agreement in the deal is city/county won't provide their share of the cost of the arena until Hansen does and Hansen won't provide his portion of the cost until a team(s) is/are secured. They aren't going to do what KC did with their arena.

The big issue with seattle's arena since it involves city bonds it has to be I-91 compliant (aka must show profit if public investment is involved)

If there isn't any team(s) secured and they build it anyways then its imo not compliant with I-91 since majority of the revenue from the arena will be coming from NBA/NHL.

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