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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
They do advertise. Maybe they could advertise more, but right now TV ratings aren't as important as ticket sales (edit: I just got around to reading the second article, and Cogen said essentially the same thing). Also, over the next few seasons the amount of games shown on TV will increase until finally all of them are shown.

I'm pretty sure M'Boro is getting some ice in the Barfield area.
They advertise games which i admit a lot more than they used to. I have never heard on the radio any mention of it being on t.v. and what station, they only mention the games and tickets. I know they are interested in selling tickets but a lot of people cannot afford to go but can be huge fans with merchandise support and sporting gear in public that other people see and ultimately think its cool and follow. On t.v. you only see it during a game not on the standard 2,4,5,17,30 local stations on days leading up to games.

I know Lebanon had plans to build a hockey facility that would house a minor league team. I do not think it got past the tight wad panel at the city and county who are only interested in making their pockets fatter and voting the opposite of whatever the political enemy votes

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