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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
Quebec City is getting a new arena, Seattle? In Seattle they get an arena only if they get a team... Almost blackmailing the NHL... Gary does not like to be blackmailed in giving teams. Just trying to put things in perspective to all Seattle people. You guys just aint ready for the Coyotes this summer. I am trying to prepare you guys for a dissapointement. And if the Coyotes stay we will all be dissapointed...
Do you have any idea on how difficult it is to get anything build sports related facilities the state of Washington built. Quebec City doesn't have to deal with I-91 like Seattle has to. How are they suppose to pay off the 200m in bonds if there is no team or teams coming here. Hansen has a right to want a return on his investment.

Seattle isn't blackmailing the NHL since they aren't the only league Seattle is trying to lure a team. They want the NBA back and the NHL well knows that if Seattle wants a NBA team again they are going need a new arena.

Hansen will be at the NBA owners meeting in April with hopefully an approved plan. We are hoping that construction will start as soon as they secure an NBA team and that may or may not be happening this year. The big issue is what happens if they secure a NHL team first before the NBA.

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