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Originally Posted by Pedagogue View Post
The average beer leauger has no business buying $600 - $800 skates. Unless you are rich. Yes, skates are your most important piece of equipment but fit is the most important factor with skates. A lot of beginners think that if they buy a top-level skate that is lighter they will skate like a pro Skating is all about technique. For a good skater I feel the best value is a skate that is just below the top of the line which still can be about $500. I skate in Graf 705's which are just below the G series. You will never see the 705's on sale as they are Graf's best selling skate.
I love it when people draw the line right at their price point. What's the difference in $500 and $600-$800? $500 is still a damn expensive skate and if somebody can afford that, they can probably afford to skate in whatever they want. (I skate in 705s as well, because they're the only skate that fits me.)

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