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03-04-2012, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by OlderTimer View Post
Seriously?? I don't even know what you are implying?? I FORGET THAT THE LAST 40 YEARS i WAN'T THE lEAFS TO WIN???

I forget that there are a bunch of fools on this board that want the Leafs to lose because of a DAMN DRAFT PICK???

I have never ever wavered, **** the draft win and more wins,

Anyone who tells me the Pens were not going to get Crosby is a Damn fool....I knew it all along or that franchise was moved or dead!!!

Does anyone here think that Crosby was going to be a Leaf or a Hab or a Canuck???
We are talking Bettman here!!!

AHHH **** it!!!!!

even if the Leafs wind up in 6th from the bottom...the effing draft is held behind closed doors!!!

Does any idiot here think that the Leafs are getting the number 2 pick???? Seriously???
Don't think the comment were directed at you. BTW, do you drink the Rye with coke or ginger ale?

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