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03-04-2012, 03:39 PM
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Jr. A - KalPa vs. Ässät

I were yesterday in Niiralan Monttu watching a game between KalPa and Ässät (Jr. A first playoff round, game 2). My eyes caught KalPa's Toni Kallela who dominated like a friggin' beast. He had so big adventage with his absolutely amazing skating and he has ridiculous hands. Kallela's 6-1 goal was BEAUTY. He skated Ässät's Juusela up, took two defenders with unbelievable deke and scored against Laasala with "forsberg-deke". He was best scorer in regular season with 75 points (33 goals) in 45 games. What is Kallela's potential? Future 1st liner in FEL?

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