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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
Is it possible its a work loop? Like the guys from wal-mart get together and play the guys from K-mart? or the guys from Canadian Tire? Still no excuse for the asian jokes I guess.

Sad truth is, at least as a teenager playing competitvely there is a TON of racism chirps going around. Weird thing is our league is 98% white kids and they chirp each other for being white?
Yeah that's quite possible actually.

Originally Posted by noobman View Post
The only thing I can think of is that the guys you ran into didn't want to bring on players who weren't around their skill level, and assumed that most locals weren't very good at hockey. In any case, to say they "Don't let Asians play" is just bigoted and racist. Don't sweat it at all... you don't want to play with guys like that anyways. You never know when one of those jerks is going to decide that you're not allowed to steal the puck off of him or dangle him because you're an Asian guy and throw a cheap shot at you.

Growing up as an Indian guy playing hockey I've dealt with a little bit of racism. I can really only cite four incidents I've encountered personally, and maybe three more I've witnessed second-hand in my ten years of playing. I started relatively late at 13 (having only started skating at age 12) and took my fair share of it right up to my final season of minor hockey. In the adult leagues I played in, I found a fair bit of diversity. Many teams had a good mix of different people from different backgrounds. Of course, you'd run into the odd team that had a few legitimately racist guys, or guys who wanted to get under your skin by playing the race card. The amusing thing is that *every time* it was a team full of white guys who you could tell grew up outside of the city. They always seemed to be the kind of delusional hockey players who thought they were 100x better than they were, and couldn't get over the fact that they weren't playing for the Stanley Cup. It's the typical case of those "never was" guys wanting to live out their childhood fantasies of being hockey players.

What I've learned is that, 99% of the time, this kind of stuff comes from people who are using it as a means to vent their frustrations about other aspects of their life. In the case of the guys you mentioned, I'm sure they were a little homesick and perhaps had a bad experience with locals. Perhaps they felt like they were being mistreated, or otherwise encountered some racism themselves being in the minority... something they really weren't used to back home, and have a jaded opinion you got to experience first hand.
Well, I can't blame them for assuming. Indonesians are very new to hockey, none of us have ever experienced organized competitions, except me and a few others but even that was only juniors and it was not for long, and most of us never thought of it as a career choice. We are aware of our physical inferiority. It's just dissapointing when guys like me who are trying to build up the game, often get shot down when looking for support.. I've experienced similar stuff in Singapore too. I mean, wouldn't it be great if all of us can get along and just play?

Now that you mentioned it, they probably experienced racism. No, they definitely have. Indonesians are very racist towards white people due to political/religious issues in the past, but only the ones with less education still do that. We ourselves have too many diversity within our own countrymen... and even that is still causing problems til now.

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