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Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
I put a bit of time into this comparison for the main board, thought people in here might like to read it too. Where does the supposed huge disparity between the two players come from?


Obviously Malkin is streets ahead. Let's look at the supposed miles gap between Giroux and Stamkos then shall we? This comparison runs between the start of last season and today and all stats are taken from

TOI in ES or PP opportunities:
Stamkos - 2994:30.
Giroux - 2560:25.

Points Scored:
Stamkos - 171.
Giroux - 151.

Minutes Per Point:
Stamkos - 17:30
Giroux - 16.55

Remember that the points totals for Giroux are all accrued whilst also shouldering the extra workload of 3 full minutes more PK time per game than Stamkos, and also doesn't just take into account the 'one season' of Giroux dominance. Also bear in mind that Giroux's linemates for half of this recorded time wasn't close to the quality of Stamkos'.

In the time since both players have started playing first line minutes the gap in this stat widens further, with Giroux's total of 15:15 per point being considerably lower than Stamkos' 17:05. Giroux's taking nearly 2 minutes of ice time less to score each point.

If this wasn't enough, here's a collection of extra stats too.

Stamkos - 46.2%
Giroux - 52.8%

Offensive Zone Start (Finish):
Stamkos - 54.5% (51.0%)
Giroux - 47.6% (51.4%)

Stamkos - 1.09
Giroux - 8.76

Penalties Drawn Per Game (Taken):
Stamkos - 1.0 (1.0)
Giroux - 1.3 (0.4)

With these stats in mind, is the gap between the two players as big as you'd think? Aside from goals (and subsequently SH%) and hits, Stamkos doesn't really beat Giroux in anything. Giroux has a better face-off percentage, he starts far less shifts in the offensive zone but ends more, his CORSI absolutely crucifies Stamkos' and he draws more penalties whilst taking far less.

So why is Stamkos perceived to be so much better than Giroux?
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