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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Then what about Mez?

When Pronger is out, others like Mez and Timo try to do too much to compensate, and then they get hurt too. When top leading Dmen get hurt there is a cascade effect thru the D corps. That's why ur top Dmen should not be excessively old
Also, Pronger's injury is not age related. A concussion is not age related. You make it sound like age is the reason he's hurt.

He had otehr injuries that were age related. Plus, concussion effects are often cumulative, if he's been banged around a lot over the years he's more vulnerable to concussion.

J. Lidstrom is old and doing well, so is Selanne and so was Recchi before he retired. The age thing is ********. It's a state of mind and if you keep in shape and keep playing the way you play, age doesn't matter.
Very bad reasoning. Out of all the old players who are useless or retired, you pick the small minority who are not and try yo make a case out of it? Exceptions do not prove anything, they are just flukey exceptions. BOTTOM LINE, you are playing with fire when the two best Dmen on the entire team are old as the hills.

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