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03-04-2012, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
And if we discredit every players who use/sell drugs or done anything illegal in their life ... the list would be quite long. I prefer writing and reading on the great accomplishment of great hockey players through history than nitpicking on the errors they've commited in their life. I don't know why Jiri Bubla ended up smuggling drugs in the mid-1980's, and although it would be quite an interesting read, it's not my main focus in the ATD. We could discredit Theoren Fleury for stuffing his nose with every drug he could find, we could discredit Sprague Cleghorn for conducting himself on the ice in a way that would get him jailed numerous years in today's society etc ... I prefer staying clear of this path, as we have little clue as to why someone end up the way they were. And to be honest, I can confidently say I'm not someone in a position to judge.

I'm an amateur hockey historian, not a psychologist.
Taking steroids gives you a large competitive advantage on the ice. It is cheating, plain and simple. The evidence against Krutov is pretty strong, and we saw what a sorry lump of **** he was in Vancouver without the juice.

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