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11-14-2003, 08:43 AM
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I have to agree with "willie" here.

I've been whining about it all year. And, i'll probably continue. AM who has been our best coach by far for a very long time seriously needs to have his head examined. I've said it over and over that we're the softest team in this league, but it's not because of our roster, it's who AM decides to play. I went to last night's game and we completely got outmuscled. Although Toronto is built that way from top to bottom, we still need to come out tougher, and even if AM played Kip, it still wouldn't make up for the abuse we took. He would have only played him for six minutes anyways. Gary Roberts was a *****ing menace last night, and we did d*ck about it (minus the early Lappy fight). Marchment and Domi were taking runs at Ziggy, and guess who protected him.......Ziggy! It's disgraceful that our star "finesse" players get smashed every night. The same game that fans are watching is the same game our coaching staff is watching and we're doing nothing about it.......We are the league's whipping *****, end of story! And every time we scrape a victory through it justifies AM's roster.
I also agree with "facewash" on Cechmanek, he's been a joke so far and nobody is saying anything about it. All you ask for from your goaltender is to make the basic saves, and a few big ones every night. So far I haven't really seen it, especially when it counts.
As far as that Toronto fan goes here, he's right! I'd love to be the most hated team in this league!

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