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03-04-2012, 08:15 PM
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Bauer sticks have been pretty durable for me, I've owned a number and have only broken one (a one95). The general reputation for Bauer sticks is that's they're pretty durable, especially in terms of their blades. I never really have problems with the blades on any of my sticks, but plenty of people complain about blade durability on Warrior, Easton, Rbk, etc. sticks, and you never really hear that with Bauer.

I have noticed that Bauer sticks don't have the kevlar wraps that some other sticks (like Easton) have. I'm not sure if this is to save weight, or for how the flex feels, or simply because they don't think it provides much of a durability advantage, but I could potentially see this making them more prone to breaking from slashes and whatnot. As a center you could give a kevlar wrapped Easton stick a try, like the S19 for example, which is a good stick and currently on sale all over the place due to the release of the RS.

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