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03-04-2012, 08:16 PM
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Gulutzan has far too much faith in Riberio, who is noticeably streaky. Sometimes he's money with all that open ice, other times he's a detriment. Gulutzan should be able to notice games that Riberio is "on" at this point.

They were doing good for a while keepign Souray off it, utilizing Daley-Larsen and Robidas-Goose. Then they put him back on for the 4-3 and it completely telegraphs what they're trying to do. Every play went to Souray in the end. They did good putting Benn out there, but then left off Loui/Ryder who are all better options than Ribs. I don't get it.

Though didn't R&R mention that Willie had taken over the PP now?

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