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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
I think the most popular is the Sakic, but the iginla curve is much like the PM9 from Bauer, which are both mid-curves, and aren't closed (though Easton says they are)

they are both probably the most neutral curves, and I have grown to love them, as I have backhanded many a goals and can now do nice backhanded saucers with them.

If you get a wood stick or blade w/ the ignila curve, you can always heat it and try to do things differently to figure your preference
The Cammalleri/Zetterberg/Forsberg is the PM9 equivalent, not the Iginla. The Iginla has a higher lie.

Originally Posted by Thepandamancan View Post
Zetterberg in Easton, Crosby in Reebok, and probably the Kane (P88) in Bauer are your best bets. Those are the middle of the road blades...neutral lies (around 5), mid curve, and it's open enough that it'll help you elevate the puck.

I started off with a Crosby and I found that I prefer a more open blade with a heel curve.
All three curves are completely different... only the Zetterberg is lie 5 and only the Crosby opens up in the middle, there's nothing 'middle of the road' in blades, it's personal preference!

Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Anything with a neutral lie, closed to slightly opened face, mid to toe curve. For Easton, that would be Zetterberg/Cammalleri, Warriors is Burrows, etc.

Start from there, play for a while and try out different curves once you're used to what you're using now.
You just described 1/2 of the curves out there!

Jarick, please close this thread, there is honestly no point here anymore. People should just read your stick guide...

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