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Originally Posted by Tootoo View Post
Two of us are driving down from Wisconsin for the game against Winnipeg on March 24th. It will be our first time in Nashville, and really don't know much about the city/venue.

When does the arena open?

Are these hotels:
1) in good area
2) how far is the walk
3) how far is the drive
4) which one is better

What would you suggest a 17 y/o and 40 y/o do before and after the game

If we are in the lower bowl at about the blue line, how far back is row C?
Those hotels are out by the airport. They're a good 20-30 minute drive from the arena.

I'd recommend one of these, likely in order of cheapest to most expensive. All are in walking distance of the arena. They would be about a $35 cab ride from the airport.

I believe Row C is in the upper part of the lower bowl, but they should be excellent seats.

As for entertainment, I would think most places downtown which serve food will admit minors. A few places that are strictly bars may not. There should be plenty of places playing music. Depending on how much time you have, you may want to visit the Opryland Hotel (just to walk through it - it's an incredible place). Beyond that, if you tell us what your interests are, we can give better guidance.

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