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Originally Posted by no name View Post
At some point DL is going to have to stop all of the public bashing. Dionne has gone on record via the Kings website and is in some ways a spokesperson for the Kings. Sutter has made three comments that were disrespectful to Kopitar as well. Make no mistake his comments were blatant disrespect whether it was intended or not. The structure of basically putting Lewis and Kopitar in the same breath was deliberate and well calculated. The mind games stop working after the first time and anything afterwards is simply disrespect.

In reality though Sutter has no room to speak. The Kings are statistically worse under him and they have the same win percentage as before. That means that if anything the players are carrying him. He has failed to bring anything to the table. There are no innovations that he has implimented unless his idea of public humiliation is a tactic.

Why doesn't he ever take any responsibility? Why doesn't he call out his golden boy Drew Doughty who in the last game had everything he touched turn to turd. He is known to have had his players and managers severely dislike him in the past and I'm starting to understand.
I can't say I agree with a single word you posted here. Terry Murray never held his star players accountable and look how far it led the Kings. Sutter called out Brown and Kopitar. One responded, one didn't.

Sutter doesn't need to sit there, hold hands with the players, and sing "Kumbaya." In fact, he tried the coddling approach (he was downright ridiculously positive, honestly) for his first 20 or so games with the Kings, and as you said, it didn't lead to amazing results. He only recently started publicly calling players out, and the team is playing some of it's best hockey in awhile.

And about Sutter taking responsibility: didn't he just recently admit he made a mistake in starting Quick against Colorado instead of Bernier? I'd say that's taking responsibility. Doughty has played some of his best hockey all season under Sutter, and you want him to be called out after one questionable game? Kopitar has been pretty invisible for the last couple months. There's a huge difference there.

And last but not least, I think you should go re-read former players' and co-workers' opinions of Sutter. Way more often than not, they're very effusive in their praise of him. Hell, Jarome Iginla gives Sutter major credit for making him the player he is now. That pretty much says it all. One thing you see the most is that they appreciate how honest he is. If you're doing a good job, he'll tell you. If you're not doing a good job, he'll tell you. He isn't only negative.

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