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03-05-2012, 04:04 AM
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Frank, park on Houston, 3-4 blocks south of the arena for less than $5. Get there early and walk the extra block south on Houston and check out the Kennedy 6th Floor Museum (it's in the building where Oswald fired the fateful shots).

A few words on dinner ... food at the arena isn't bad (I like the barbecue sandwiches) but it's obviously a little expensive. There aren't any really good food spots right downtown but Neo Pizza on Market street is OK for pizzas and calzones and sandwiches. If you want to drive a bit, Chip's (on the tollway) or Twisted Root (near I-75 and the university) ... have very good hamburgers. Both Chips and TW are in "nice" parts of town but the best burger in Dallas is at Wingfields (South Beckley) in South Dallas.

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