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Originally Posted by radbear View Post
...and my response would be: " With what..?! ...your VAGINA?"
I should have specified - This was said by a guy on my team to the goalie, who was his brother.
Things that do work as a female player, I’ve found include

*player trying to control his anger* “HEY! Violence against women, Australia says no!”

*when checked or slashed* “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

*being pressured in the corner or in front of the net* “Geez at least buy me a drink first!” or “oh yeah, that’s how I like it!”

*player is mouthing off* “If I wanted to hear some *****ing, I’d be playing women’s league!”

Look at the other winger at face off, wink and make handjob motions on your stick. One of two things tend to happen – he’s laughing too hard to see straight or he gets offended, straightens up and is left behind.

…yeah, I’m pretty much shameless

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