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03-05-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Seems to me you're trying to not see it. Ever since we got Staubtiz, White has been going on a tear, the kid is energized like i've never seen him before. After the first match with Staubitz in uniform, White was saying how great it was to have a guy like that in uniform. You've never played the game so you don't know how it is having another brother-in-arm going to war with you. It has made a HUGE difference. And PK also mentioned it. It's always easier going to war with actual warriors that gonna put everything on the line for you. Cole works hard but if he sees a teamate getting beat, he'll take issue with it and drop the gloves to send the message that you don't do that to a teamate. Cole is the kind that would hit a guy and apologizes later on. With need guys that are gonna intimidate.

Hell even all the other tighasses who like European hockey like Francois Gagon have admited that things has been different lately.
First off, not only have I played 10years of hockey through juniors as a Dman, but I am a big guy myself and often got into scraps.
Second, I absolutely know, having gone through it myself, that everybody feels more secure when you go into a game with big tough guys around that have your back. Nobody ever argued against that.
What I am saying is, does it hold any impact on the end result of the game though? No, it doesn't.
Will it make a player get out of his funk? No, it won't.

So, you think White was re-energized. What about his first game back? He was amazing, but then what, he got tired? Of course White is going to love having another fighter there, he's the same type of player, it'll pump him up. So what? Aren't we still losing? Aren't we still blowing leads? Yes, we are.
Oh, but PK said it's good because they'll stick up for one another more now. Okay great. Now, let's not talk about what is really important, like winning.

Where is this huge difference that you talk of. What world do you live in seriously.
There is barely any difference in the game, and there's no difference in the end result. Our players feel more secure and stick up for one another more? Woohoo...
We still don't show up for the games though, well, we do for one period. After that it's still sucking time.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not even against having players like that, especially if we're to have such a useless 4th line as we have all year. But let's not pretend like it makes a world of a difference. Malkin makes a HUGE difference, not Brad freaking Staubitz. Leave your bubble.

Originally Posted by Mynameismark View Post
Cool, so instead we'll just continue to play soft and still get beat.

Some of you whiners are incredible.

At least if we're gonna go down we can show some anger and hate and aggression, and maybe entertain some people to boot. I can gaurantee you Palushaj and the rest dont entertain anyone.
Originally Posted by Beendair Donedat View Post
Written as if toughness was the reason the Habs were terrible all year!! What a joke. The team lost with the same bunch of gutless wonders they had all year, minus Kostitsyn and Cammelleri. Staubitz has played THREE games for the Habs. Ryan White has played NINE.

Your figure skating heroes were brutal long before the Habs finally added some toughness. Pathetic attempt on your part to blame the season on toughness.
Did you guys even take the time to read what he was answering to?

He quoted a guy saying Staubitz has made a ''HUGE difference'', which is absolutely ridiculous.
We are still playing just as bad, if not worse given AK-Gill's departure, with 2wins in last 10games, we look absolutely horrible out there, to the point where people get overjoyed with seeing a fight and a couple checks, but only 8 shots on net.
It's pathetic.

We are absolute garbage out there.

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