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03-05-2012, 10:23 AM
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Im 204 row 8 behind the railing. I LOVE where I sit. Being a bigger guy, having the aisle and no one in front of you lets me literally spread out and almost sit like a lounge chair.

My father and I have had a variety of knee and ankle issues over the past 5 years, and having the ability to flex your legs is pretty much a requirement (I have a phillies plan and I sell almost every game because Im inthe middle of the row).

Someone commented earlier about liking to be upstairs to see plays develop, and Im completely on board with that. Being I played for years, I love the game, I like seeing the plays develop. I've sat downstairs here and there, its ok, I snuck down during the last Bruins game and you really get a sense for how big they are haha.

The STH event are ok at best, I talk to my rep regularly, and I've written some pretty candid emails to them regarding some stuff, and basically, everyone complains. Raise prices - complain. Lines too long at meet and greet - complain. Winter Classic? - complain. I do feel for the guy, and I understand business, so I try to keep things relatively light with him and never whine about something unless I have a suggestion how to make it better.

That said, I think the best seats in the house are in the club boxes. I like the private bar, private bathrooms, and the seats are larger. We scored 4 tickets for Club 22 with free beer and food for $140 each the day of the game in '10 in the playoffs against montreal. Suffice to say, we each made the most of that opportunity.

I split my season 50/50 with a friend of mine. I keep it as fair as I can, I got WC, he got the other rangers games and both bruins games, etc. (FYI they have lost every game he has been to since last season). He may buy the seats next to me now, as the guy isnt renewing, which sucks, because we all have a lot of fun and are generally in the same age group (30's). In which case I have a friend lined up to take 10 games off me next season.

Not sure where I was going, but that sums up my experience.

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