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Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
No, it's rebuked by most scholars who you read and agree with. Most scholars who Jared or I would read and agree with would rebuke Marxism, which you had a positive review for earlier in this thread. Your views were respected and you weren't bothered about them, so I think that the same is owed in return. This is a book review thread in an entertainment forum, not a political debate, afterall. I say that we respect everyone's beliefs and allow people to review the books that they please without their reading choices being questioned, IMHO.
I wasn't the one mocking his liking of the book if you noticed. Nor did I personally say objectivism is a sham. But just to clarify, I wasn't exaggerating when I said the majority of scholars have denounced the philosophy.

I do find his extreme allegiance to the work a little humourous, but I couldn't care less about what he reads/subscribes to.

And by the way, my review of Marxism shouldn't be classified as 'positive.' If he likes the idea of libertarianism he should read some more enlightening works such as On Liberty by Mill, or some Isiah Berlin "Two Concepts of Liberty," Ayn Rand is considered an intellectual midget with regards to her philosophies.

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Would you mind elaborating a bit more?

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