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Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
Protein shake with some creatine

If not, then just water

Like Izzy3, caffeine products dont work for me before exercising

Made me feel weird, and slightly dehydrated

I couldn't imagine the taste of that if it came back up even a little bit

the best games I've played... I was well rested, I ate alot of carbs (both complex and simple)
If it is a late game, I will have a coffee or energy drink and its been proven that caffine is a stimulant that makes you more mentally aware + increase pain threhold and subsiquently indurance
I usually ensure I stay well hydrated and nothing keeps you fuel'd like simple glucose... and Gatoraid really does keep your push going

For "workouts" I have taken Nictric Oxide which is simular to Jack3d for lifting
It keeps a pump, increasing lifting stamina and encourages testostrone production. Then I'll have a good meal or if in a pinch, a protein shake (muscle milk is the only ones I can pallet after years of downing the cheap stuff for Football)

However taking a Nitric Oxide suppliment for high intensity anerobic full on cardio... such as Hockey or Crossfit, could just spike you're blood presure and HR to uncontrolled points... its much more dangerous than just a caffine based Redbull
I remember downing one of those NO Beta-Alanine full drinks before an Indoor game, and I could barely catch my breath on the bench for a full 2minutes... it was scary and I was in the condition where I could run an easy 48min 10k

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