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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
No one is denying that there are older players on the team, or that older players are more susecptible to injury.

But looking at the injuries the team has faced this year, only a handful of games can be attributed to that. You can't just look at Prongers eye injury and then say its because of age. And then when someone disagree's just say older people have more 'freak accidental injuries'.

I don't know one poster on this board that doesnt want a young ringer d-man, but guess what, we don't have one, we play with what we have. Is is a priority? Yes, but is *****ing about it right now going to help? No.

Also, you never mentioned which teams we're selling their #1 potential d-men as asked. And for someone that is basing their argument on 'facts', you certainly aren't showing any. its no secret older players get injured more often when they're old, you aren't on to anything new here.

I just don't get your high on the horse approach to this argument when you are pointing out the obvious about older players, when it doesnt apply to this scenerio?

I'm pointing out that perhaps it was a mistake to have our two leading Dmen that old. As for who is selling their top Dmen RIGHT NOW, the answer, is no one,

BUT of course it may have been a good idea to begin an all out hunt LAST YEAR when Pronger missed much of the year and twas obvious he was near his end.

The Flyers prayed that Pronger would recover and Timo would hold up despite his age. Neither will happen and we are totally screwed.

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