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OK, guys, letís debate. For a 4th line Ė Rick Vaive or Al Secord? The way I see it, Vaive was better offensively, scoring 50 goals three times with little help. But Secord topped 40 three times too Ė he had help though. Secord was a legitimate heavyweight, while Vaive was not, but Vaive is tough enough to handle himself too. If youíre building a 4th line, who do you want?

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Vecens selects Lynn Patrick.

I should apologize for not posting this earlier. vecens left a list with Eagle, who transferred it on to me, but unfortunately I'm in Cali on vacation right now, and slept through vecens' clock. IMO, he should not get a clock deduction for this, as he did leave a list.
I understand why he falls and all, but it just seems so wrong seeing him go right after Adam Deadmarsh!

Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Whalers select Ryan Smyth, LW

Wasnít it just last draft you were arguing how bad he was, in a Smyth-Morrow-Doan comparison? Or am I mistaken?

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The only thing anyone could say against Trotz was that he hasn't been deep in the play-offs. Nobody could even claim it was his fault. We just got the "it's an unknow". Now he has a guy who's a proven winner working with him, and that has to eliminate the unknown element.

As a coach, I have always understood my strengths and weaknesses, and brought in assistant coaches who can fill in the gaps. I am not a motivator, so I always bring in a guy who can give those inspiratiional speeches and do the "RAH RAH RAH" stuff on the bench. I'm also not great in terms of Xs and Os, so I bring in somebody who can be creative in finding ways to beat certain teams. Lastly, despite the fact that I coach defense, I'm not real great at teaching defensive zone coverage, so I usually need somebody to help there. This year, I managed to get a former OHL defenseman - he can obviously help with th D-zone stuff, but he's a great motivator too. I also got a former AAA head coach to help with the Xs and Os.

(I know you read that and ask, "are you good at anything?" )
Thatís exactly what I was asking.

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Yeah...I'm surprised he's the first guy of the MLD defenseman that were discovered and researched last draft to make the jump, but I see him as a definite #6 here.
Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
And if we discredit every players who use/sell drugs or done anything illegal in their life ... the list would be quite long. I prefer writing and reading on the great accomplishment of great hockey players through history than nitpicking on the errors they've commited in their life. I don't know why Jiri Bubla ended up smuggling drugs in the mid-1980's, and although it would be quite an interesting read, it's not my main focus in the ATD. We could discredit Theoren Fleury for stuffing his nose with every drug he could find, we could discredit Sprague Cleghorn for conducting himself on the ice in a way that would get him jailed numerous years in today's society etc ... I prefer staying clear of this path, as we have little clue as to why someone end up the way they were. And to be honest, I can confidently say I'm not someone in a position to judge.

I'm an amateur hockey historian, not a psychologist.
I agree with you on this one. I donít think it affects him as a player, or what he accomplished on the ice.

Originally Posted by Hedberg View Post
Or worse. Being coached by your future self would be awkward
I think it would be beneficial. He could stop you from doing things that he knows wonít turn out well.

Or would that disrupt the space/time continuum?

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
I wonder I much he played as a left wing in his career. When researching Taffy Abel and Billy Burch, his name pop up more than once as a winger.
That would explain his poor all-star recognition despite being 2nd in scoring among defensemen twice.

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The Minnesota Fighting Saints are pleased to select, 586th overall, from Flint Michigan, Tim Thomas, G
Wow, has his stock ever risen. It was just in AAA2010 (October 2010) I was explaining how hard it was to pick between Felix Potvin, Jose Theodore and Tim Thomas.

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