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03-05-2012, 12:18 PM
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Someone wants to fight me

Last week I was playing in a tight game against one of the better teams in my town. We were tied 7-7 with 1 and half minutes to go. There best player was in our zone about to take the shot when I hit him cleanly and he fell down pretty easy. I picked up the puck and a little after and he got pretty pissed off and tried to tackle me from behind but I fought him off, dangled there D-man and scored which turned out to be the GWG. Shortly after we scored a empty netter and right after that there best player came right to me screaming homophobic stuuf and calling me gay, he thought that my hit was dirty even he did the same thing he does to everyone else. I told him to cry to someone who gives two ***** and play the game. We won seconds after. By the way he is stronger then I am and would probably beat me up. Yesterday we played them again, before the game he called me ******** and that if I hit him he would kill me. Early in the game I hit him to konck him off the puck. A little later I had the puck he rammed me into the boards and then put his stick around my neck for about 2 seconds. I may be exaggerating or just plained bias but I was convinced that he did that on purpose. I got out of it by tripping him up with my skates and then he dropped his stick and he wanted to fight me, I got up and just stood there not knowing what to do. I was certain that I was not going to fight because I am the top scorer in the league and the team captain and I never cared for what went down last weekend. I got called for a tripping call, which was justified but he got nothing. Later I lined up with one of his teammates and he told me I was scared ****less of there better player. I brushed him off and we managed to win 11-3 and I got 3 goals and there best player got a penalty from hitting me from after the whistle (interference). Even if I fought him earlier in the game (We were winning 1-0) we still probably would have one. On the plus side we won and I am neither suspended nor got thrown out of the game. On the negative side I get the label of sissy and pseudo tough guy and I will get a bunch of **** for it. Did I do the right thing? How do I deal with the negatives? Anyone else have anything close to what I have had and lend me some advice?

p.s- The opponents coach told me if there player tried to hurt me he would get taken out. I am 15 and I have played rep but this season I was cut and put into house. I am 100% certain I will try out next season and will that affect me with my future rep teammates if I make it? And that kid always played house.

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