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03-05-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
OK, what does the fact that Nash, Tyutin and Brassard have the worst +/- on the Blue Jackets tell you? That they are the worst forwards and dman on the team? Or that something else is going on, and you need context? Maybe there is a large split in who faces tough competition in Columbus - and maybe, instead of looking over shift charts one at a time (though that is useful, it is also time consuming), you want a measure of which Blue Jackets play against the league's toughest outshooters.

To me, this is the purpose of advanced (although they are actually not that complicated) stats. To complement what your eye already picks up when watching something like Rick Nash playing well but get outscored, and to provide context.
You'd know they have the worst +/- because of matchups. Tyutin is their best dman, Nash and Brassard play big minutes on offense. You don't need microstats to tell you what their competition is on the ice, nor what kind of **** goaltending their team has had.

How they are defensively, that's for you to watch though. No stats will tell you their defensive ability. Even Boucher scouting has a line to that effect.

Once again, you're fighting a strawman. I said that +/- is a bad stat to gauge individual performance in a vacuum. Hockey isn't about spreadsheets.

Of course, if I was scouting, I'd want ALL the stats available, that doesn't make them very concinving for anything though. They're just there to fact-check and to give you some answers that are most definately not make-or-break. Which makes them of limited use in the grand scheme of scouting.

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