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Originally Posted by asdwe1 View Post
It's not allowed and it makes me look bad if I let someone fight me.
the guy who wanted to fight just might be a bully. you don't have to fight him, but you do need to let him know you are not going to be a punching bag.

in a situation like that, and if the game is not close (not 1-0 for example), i don't see any problem talking back to him when he drops his stick. maybe even roughing or pushing him backwards so he falls on his ass. just make sure he sees it coming, and no cheap shots that can actually injure. i've done that before, and if he is bigger and is getting handsy, you can crosscheck him in chest.

you might get 2 minutes, maybe even 10 if it escalates, but if he is taking you off your game, you gotta do whatever is needed to put an end to it.

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