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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
If the ''problem'' is not fighting for the last playoff spot, then yes, it can be fixed quickly. If you want to build a contender with our current assets, a quick fix is not possible, unless we land Parise and Suter, which has a near 0% chance of happening. Actually, landing either one of them is practically impossible.
The habs less than a year ago took the bruins to game 7 without pacioretty as the 6th seed...we then added cole and it would have been safe to assume we have improved our team, no? An improvement on a 6th place finish and a 7 game series against the cup champs would have put us in a contender position, no? Pretty much everything bad that could happen this year, did happen minus the emergence of the Desharnais line. No Markov, no replacement, terrible coaching hiring, major injuries (2nd most man games lost in the league), slumps for plekanec, cammalleri, subban...rookie defensemen, gomez, etc...

Our truly think our team can turn things around quickly, too bad we have an idiot for a gm who has brought the burden of kaberle, got rid of cammalleri for useless bourque and got virtually nothing in return for Andrei Kostitsyn who will probably be a 30 goal scorer now.

Habs won't be a contender next year...but with a healthy team and a competent GM/coach in place we can be contenders much sooner than you think.

But i agree with the belief of adding a guy like Suter can quickly turn us into a contender...provided everything i stated above comes to fruition.

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